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About Us

About American Custom Jeep

Residents of Houston, TX and the surrounding areas turn to American Custom Jeep for off-road customization services. Our team can build and customize a Jeep to your exact specifications. We pride ourselves on creating some of the most stunning and one-of-a-kind Jeeps. Each vehicle is handcrafted to meet the client’s every request.

To streamline the process, you can take a look through our wide variety of packages and choose the one that best fits your lifestyle. In addition to our packages, we also offer wheels, interior styling, and plenty of other add-on upgrades. Whether you want to add a new sound system or a remote starter to your Jeep, we can help.

Remember, you’re not limited to just the packages we have to offer. If you have something specific in mind, just work with our team, and we can help bring your vision to life. Our passion is helping customers build the Jeeps of their dreams, so call us today to get started!