Andrew Wojciak - American Custom Jeep

Andrew Wojciak

Travis Reynolds
August 15, 2018
J Simpson
December 30, 2019

American Custom Jeep… the name says it all. I can’t say enough about this place. I bought a 2019 Jeep from them in the $60K range sight-unseen and after delivery to Chicago, I couldn’t be happier. It looks and drives better than I expected it would. I worked directly with Navid at American Custom and he answered every possible question I had and invested hours with me on the phone over the course of several weeks between the purchase and the time during which we added other bells and whistles to the Jeep. Navid was trust-worthy and did everything he said he would and then some. He didn’t oversell me on anything; he actually recommended against some items that I wanted to add on by stating, ‘you don’t need it, less will be more on this build.’ I researched several shops before deciding on American Custom Jeep and when it came down to a very popular builder in Southern Florida and American Custom, there was no comparison in quality and parts being used. After speaking with a very popular Florida Jeep shop, I felt like it was a factory just churning out Jeeps and the folks there had very little interest in spending more than 10 min on the phone with me and were reluctant to send me additional pics/videos; they made me feel like it was a chore and I was being a nuisance that I just couldn’t purchase a $60K Jeep without asking so many questions. The South Florida shop rep actually said, ‘these things fly off the shelves, either you want it or you don’t.’ I had a completely different experience with Navid (at American Custom Jeep). He was informative, patient, and willing to send me ANY information, pics, or videos I wanted. After getting to know him further during our phone interactions, it became clear that he was very passionate about his profession of building/designing custom jeeps and I found him to be more knowledgeable than any other shop I had spoken with. My online research prior to purchase made me nervous about all the issues one could have with custom/lifted jeeps (i.e. death wobble, bumpy rides, etc). Navid explained how they build their product and what parts they do (and could use) to have the Jeep drive exactly the way I want to based on how I was going to use it with my family. In summary, I am extatic about my new 2019 Jeep JL and am very happy I decided to buy from American Custom. People are constantly taking pictures of my Jeep at red lights, gas stations, etc and when I take it to a car event or other venue, people tend to look and spend more time looking at my Jeep and commenting on it, then they do on the exotic sports cars parked right next to it. I also owned an exotic sports car but when this jeep arrived, I sold the sports car shortly thereafter b/c I actually had more fun driving this jeep (true story). To give you additional perspective, in the first two weeks of ownership, I had 2 people offer to buy my Jeep and my answer was… ‘Not for Sale but here is the contact info to the folks who can build you one just like it!’ And…funny story, the person who bought the exotic sports car from me wanted to buy the Jeep as well. I have never owned a custom Jeep prior to this but having/driving one is a bit difficult to put into words. It is truly very different than the experience you get driving other cars.