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Steven Hargrove

Craig Becker
June 11, 2018
San Juanita Marroquin
June 11, 2018

We have been looking at 4 door Jeeps for a couple years… After spending many hours looking around locally and in the internet, I decided give our business to American Custom Jeep. This was a big job to take a stripped down new vehicle and to customize the uplifts to our taste. Navid never rushed us and allowed us to build with all the accessories we wanted. The choices with custom paint and leather upholstery with custom stitches/piping has produced one of the best looking Jeeps on the road. The quality of parts (all name brand) along with the quality of work are reflected in the final product. As mentioned, Navid was always available for questions during the build. About a week prior to completion, My wife and I flew to Houston to meet with ACJ and Navid for a final inspection…glad we did as it solidified our decision to go with ACJ for such a sizable purchase. His staff had the same enthusiastic attitude and all took the time to answer any question and/or show us exactly what they have done. If you are in the market for a Jeep uplift with all the bells and whistles, give American Custom Jeep a call…you will not be sorry you did. As mentioned, this was a big build from basically scratch, so when the Jeep was unloaded from the auto carrier, we were extremely pleased with the final product. We have had the Jeep for a little over a month, and Navid continues his stellar communication in handling minor accessory issues… American Custom Jeep AND Navid have earned 5 stars in all aspects of an auto transaction.