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  • J Simpson
    My 1997 Jeep Sahara has been great for years but it needed some exciting improvements. I found many places that would sell you parts or install them for you. That experience fell short of my dreams until I met Naveed at American Custom Jeep. Instantly I felt that he could provide not only products but ideas and designs that brought quality and excitement into my ride again. I am now the proud owner of a unique Jeep experience.
    J Simpson
  • Andrew Wojciak
    American Custom Jeep… the name says it all. I can't say enough about this place. I bought a 2019 Jeep from them in the $60K range sight-unseen and after delivery to Chicago, I couldn't be happier. (more…)
    Andrew Wojciak
  • Travis Reynolds
    Fantastic Jeep place. Ask for Navid. He has great ideas and can make anything happen. Years of experience!!!
    Travis Reynolds
  • Amir Setoudeh
    Awesome experience with the guys at American Custom Jeep. Navid helped me choose the perfect custom build. He guided me through the whole process and would send me pictures every week. The quality shows that their Jeeps are built with passion. Hands down great quality at a reasonable price.
    Amir Setoudeh
  • Oscar Alvarez
    Really good place to customize the Jeeps... I really like what they do... they done my exactly how my wife want, she is very happy with this company!
    Oscar Alvarez
  • Ali Pourmemar
    Thank you American Custom Jeep for rescuing flooded people and taking them to the Shelters.
    Ali Pourmemar
  • Onmy Way
    Amazing experience with this business. I am glad I chose American Custom Jeep. The Jeep was everything I was hoping for! Their craftsmanship and quality was unbelievable. All for a great price. They made the process so easy for me from beginning to end. I definitely recommend these guys. BEST CUSTOM JEEP SHOP AROUND!
    Onmy Way
  • Matthew Naini
    While our house was flooded, a crew from American Custom Jeeps rescued myself and the family and our pet with one of their lifted jeeps. you saved our lives. I can't take you enough. God bless you.
    Matthew Naini
  • San Juanita Marroquin
    These guys are amazing! They have exceeded all my expectations by far. From their customer service to the quality of their builds. As soon as I walked in their facility, I knew I made the right choice. They were very patient with me the whole time since I am a very detailed person. They were able to build the Jeep exactly the way I wanted plus more! If you are looking to buy a Jeep or do any upgrades, I highly recommend American Custom Jeep!!
    San Juanita Marroquin
  • Steven Hargrove
    We have been looking at 4 door Jeeps for a couple years... After spending many hours looking around locally and in the internet, I decided give our business to American Custom Jeep. This was a big job to take a stripped down new vehicle and to customize the uplifts to our taste. Navid never rushed us and allowed us to build with all the accessories we wanted. The choices with custom paint and leather upholstery with custom stitches/piping has produced one of the best looking Jeeps on the road. The quality of parts (all name brand) along with the quality of work are reflected in the final product. As mentioned, Navid was always available for questions during the build. About a week prior to completion, My wife and I flew to Houston to meet with ACJ and Navid for a final inspection...glad we did as it solidified our decision to go with ACJ for such a sizable purchase. His staff had the same enthusiastic attitude and all took the time to answer any question and/or show us exactly what they have done. If you are in the market for a Jeep uplift with all the bells and whistles, give American Custom Jeep a will not be sorry you did. As mentioned, this was a big build from basically scratch, so when the Jeep was unloaded from the auto carrier, we were extremely pleased with the final product. We have had the Jeep for a little over a month, and Navid continues his stellar communication in handling minor accessory issues... American Custom Jeep AND Navid have earned 5 stars in all aspects of an auto transaction.
    Steven Hargrove
  • Craig Becker
    Super service. Very informative and attentive to your custom wants.
    Craig Becker
  • Christian Markel
    From the minute I walked in these made me feel like I was a VIP! Everything was ordered and waiting on me to get to the shop. Never once did I have to remind them of what was needed to complete my Jeep. Customer service is outstanding. Their work is flawless! I am extremely happy that my vision of what my jeep should look like has become a reality. I won't take my Jeep anywhere but to American Custom Jeep...
    Christian Markel
  • Natalie Morillo
    Rhese are by far the cleanest and most beautifully detailed custom Jeeps I have EVER seen! Once you see them in person, you will agree with me. They really stand out among any other Jeeps you'll see on the road ..hands down. The guys there really work hard to make sure they get the Jeeps ready in time and provide you with QUALITY work. The Jeeps are delivered in impeccable condition. Go check them out, you will thank me :)
    Natalie Morillo
  • Yuli R.
    This place is a must if you want top quality work on your jeep, their prices are very reasonable and they work with your budget. Excellent customer service, I definitely recommend anyone looking for an awesome jeep to come to this place and check out what they have to offer, you will not regret it.
    Yuli R.
  • Poria S.
    I’m absolutely in love with my new Jeep, Navid was very understanding and helpful. He made the Jeep exactly how I want it. My family can’t stop talking about how unique my Jeep looks. Thank you guys!!
    Poria S.
  • Cully White
    Our Jeep was just delivered and it is awesome! It is fully customized inside and out and the quality is amazing. We’ve had it only a week and have had multiple compliments. I did everything over the phone and online. I have never been to the shop and wasn’t sure what to expect. You can rest assured that if you're getting a Jeep from American Custom, the quality is great. The customer service Navid provided was top notch.
    Cully White
  • Adam Burks
    Just received my custom Jeep and couldn't be happier! Navid and his team are second to none! There work speaks for itself and fantastic customer service from start to finish! If your looking to customize a Jeep, look no further, American Custom Jeep is the place you want to go! Thank you Navid and your team for a job well done!
    Adam Burks
  • Diban Kassem
    Great People the best experience ever great customer service I will do business again surely!
    Diban Kassem
  • Scott Garner
    Navid and the team at American Custom Jeep did a beautiful job with my 2018 Jeep Wrangler. The entire experience was first class. They worked hard to get all the work completed on schedule. And, every detail was flawless. They also spent all the time i needed when I picked it up to go over all the features. Everywhere I go, people stop me and want to know who built my Jeep. If you are considering customizing a new Jeep or having some modifications made to your existing Jeep, give Navid a call.
    Scott Garner
  • Steven Hoffing
    American Custom Jeep has done a fantastic job in building my new jeep exactly the way I wanted. Navid did a great job in communicating with me to make the Jeep to my exact specifications. He also stayed in contact with me through the entire process and agreed with any changes I wanted on the Jeep. Received the Jeep on schedule and couldn't be happier. The Jeep is beyond my expectations and the parts used are high quality as Navid mentioned. American Custom Jeep have made the whole experience enjoyable and efficient. Thank you!
    Steven Hoffing
  • Gene and Kelsey Northway
    "Custom" is the key word here. Navid and his team know every end and out of customizing a Jeep with up to date cutting edge packages that will lift you up above all other Jeeps around the USA. Thank you for the outstanding service and going above and beyond to customize our Jeep. I will recommend you to all Jeep Owners. Thanks again.
    Gene and Kelsey Northway